Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Horizontal Lifeline Systems are engineered to provide a temporary OSHA-compliant anchorage point when no overhead anchorage exists or when a worker needs the ability to move across a horizontal surface while tied off. When used in conjunction with an approved full-body harness and lanyard, the complete system has the ability to arrest a worker’s fall and limit the forces transmitted to the worker and the system’s anchor points.

The models shown above are just a couple of the systems we have available.

Which system is the correct one?

There are various systems are available in the market and they differ in their design and application significantly. Safety features, functions, handling and ease of use, should all be evaluated. Additionally; durability, maintenance costs and long-term value should be assessed in order to select the best system.

In all cases, fall protection systems should be designed for each specific application. This will minimise the risk of a fall from height and maximise the efficiency of the work being carried-out.

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